Local Film Production: The Adventurer’s Diary

Would you like to be involved with a local film production? Multi-Award winning Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd are looking for help with their new film, The Adventurer’s Diary starring Patricia Loveland (from Quartet).

MCCP are looking for financial sponsorship and help with locations, catering and vehicles for the first few scenes of The Adventurer’s Diary to be shot on 27 – 29 April.

MCCP’s first film, Finding Hope, also shot locally, was screened at film festivals both in the UK and internationally during 2017, and won several awards.

The Adventurer’s Diary

The Adventurer’s Diary is about an elderly woman who had lost her sense of adventure after the death of her husband and then on revisiting a diary he left her, decides it’s time to go on one final adventure. 

Cast: Patricia Loveland, Francesca Louise White, Jem Rycraft, Steve Coleman, Cheryl Neve, Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen (also Director)

The prequel to The Adventurer’s Diary, Tides, has already won two awards in LA for best Narrative Film and Best Music, and will feature in the forthcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Can you help with any of the following?

High Performance Car

On Friday 27 April we need a high performance car like a Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari.

The scene involves a chauffeur pulling into a driveway and picking up an elderly women. He then drives slowly down the lane. She tells him to go faster so we see the car speed up but only for a couple of seconds. The end of scene.

Shooting time: max 1 hour. We expect the owner of the car to be there at all times.

Green Rowing Boat

Either Sat 28 or Sun 29 April.  But we first need to locate either a lake or sea front with a wooden jetty.

Shooting time: 3 hours

Travel Agents Location

Or office we could make look like a travel agents with posters and brochures. This is needed for either Sat 28th or Sunday 29th April for 3-4 hours.

Breakfast Cook 

We are looking for someone to volunteer to cook breakfast for up to 4-6 crew members on Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 7 am. (Food & provisions will be provided).

Evening meal Friday and Saturday

Are there any restaurants or pubs who could provide a take-away hot food service at reduced rates or free for cast & crew?

Lunchtime catering

We are looking for a caterer who would like to sponsor the film by providing lunchtime food such as sandwiches/ rolls/ at a reduced rate or free. The kitchen is in Woolton Hill.

Sponsorship Benefits

Any individuals or companies sponsoring us will receive:

– Formal credits after the film titles and cast & crew.

– An opportunity to be part of the most amazing film starring Patricia Loveland who is best known for her role in Quartet, directed by Dustin Hoffman.

– An official poster of the film

– An invitation to a private screening in 2019

Financial sponsorship

Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd is seeking sponsorships to help us make the film – covering costs like camera and lighting hire, location charges, props, costumes, travel expenses, accommodation, and catering for cast and crew.

Sponsorship Packages:
• Sponsorship amount £150: we will give you a formal sponsorship credit at the end of this beautiful compelling film plus shout outs for your business on social media!
• Sponsorship amount £500: the above benefits plus two tickets to the private/premiere screening in 2019 with cast and crew, and credits on the www.mousechasedcat.com website under the title of the film you sponsor.

In addition, all sponsors will also get an exclusive private link to watch Tides, a short prequel to The Adventurer’s Diary, which also stars Patricia Loveland.

How to contact MCC Productions

If you can help with any of the above please contact writer/producer Jean Maye on info@mousechasedcat.com






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