Local Dog with Allergies needs help

A PP reader enquires if anyone can help with his dog who suffers from allergies.

Every summer the dog gets itchy paws but this summer is the worse yet.  He chewed his legs until they bled and now has plastic lamp-shade collar as he has created a trauma on his hind leg.  Very stressful. The vet has prescribed various lotions, potions, tablets, sprays etc that only sometimes work.

The dog has had a blood test which revealed he is allergic to trees.  They try to walk him in areas with no pesticides but there is still so much pollen and other things in the air that can’t be avoided.

Does anyone else have pets with allergy problems and can offer any advice? Please comment below if you can help.


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  1. I was going to suggest the same individual (Edward DeBeukelaer) as I am a human Homeopath and not a vet who specializes in treating animals. I’ve definitely treated humans with similar allergic reactions to this case with positive results.

    Edward is definitely the way to go in my opinion. Best wishes to the owner.

  2. Its very distressing to see your dog in discomfort and not being able to resolve the problem. Its a really difficult condition to get to the bottom of, but things like making sure the coat is regularly groomed to allow air circulation and diet would be a first port of call. I wonder if grain has been eliminated from the diet? Raw feeding is good. If the current veterinary advice isn’t working then I would maybe consider an alternative approach such as Homeopathy. I can recommend Edward DeBeukelaer at Riverside Vets in Marlborough http://www.marlboroughvets.co.uk/staff.html who specialises in these sorts of conditions.

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