Launch Of D.A.T.E.S. To Remember Campaign – With Help From Healthwatch West Berkshire

Launch Of D.A.T.E.S. To Remember Campaign – With Help From Healthwatch West Berkshire

As part of its on-going support of the Department of Health’s national campaign to reduce over prescription and mis-use of anti-biotic stock within the community, Healthwatch West Berks tasked its Newbury College Intern with the design of an eye-catching campaign poster.  The eye-catching ‘Antibiotics – Think D.A.T.E.S.’ poster will now be sent to doctors surgeries in the West Berks area, aiming to reduce the number of anti-biotics prescribed and taken, ensuring resistance to drugs is not increased.

Our aim was for our intern Sybelle Gronfillo to design an informative, educational poster to spread the Department of Health’s anti-biotics messaging to reduce anti-biotic prescribing and intake within our local audiences” commented Andrew Sharp of Healthwatch West Berks. “We believe the poster communicates the message in an innovative and interesting way, that we hope will make a difference within our local area.

The poster, designed to appeal to both health care professionals and members of public, uses the acronym D.A.T.E.S. that is short, specific and relates to the use of medication. “My aim was to create an innovative poster for Healthwatch West Berks that can be used as an educational tool in the spread of anti-biotic resistance” said Newbury College Student, Sybelle Gronfillo. “Most people don’t know the danger of taking anti-biotics incorrectly – so, I hope to get the public to think D.A.T.E.S, and know that they need to take action now to stop the spread of anti-biotic resistance”.

Healthwatch West Berks hopes everyone in the local area will start to remember D.A.T.E.S. when thinking of anti-biotics, a simple and clear message that communicates the national campaign idea of reducing public demand and intake of anti-biotics, helping in the fight against anti-biotic resistance.

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