Lambourn on the Rocks

You may have seen some interesting activity around Lambourn recently…. groups of children and families furtively looking for something on walls, in doorways.. in bushes, up trees? These are our Lambourn Rockstars !

Let me tell you about them and our little village game. Lambourn on the rocks was formed when I saw a little game on a sister site “Wantage Rocks” and decided to see if we could bring it to Lambourn, and set up “Lambourn on the Rocks”

The response has been amazing, anyone can play and there are very few rules…. so here they are:

1. If you find a painted rock and you like it, it makes you smile or means something to you that day … feel free to keep it. Its all yours !

2. But in return … to keep those smiles moving along we ask that you plant 1 or 2 in return. And somehow get at picture of it onto the facebook page…. so we know where it now lives!

3. If you find a painted rock and don’t wish to keep it you can just leave it there … or move it along… a ‘spotted in” photograph is always appreciated.

That’s it in it’s simplicity. So if there are any budding Rock Artists out there we would love to have you join up. It’s been an amazing response, we have almost 400 members already and people say it’s brought families together painting, planting, finding and returning stones.

And boy do we have some talented artists in Lambourn, some of the rocks that go out there are real treasures and I am sure will become cherished childhood memories. I would just like to remind people to seal their stones (eg with PVA glue) so the paint doesn’t run in the rain.

Local businesses have become involved too The George, The Co-op, Honesty of Lambourn, have all painted stones and when the children find them and return them, there’s a bounty to be had.

There was even a prosecco stone – with the promise of a bottle to whoever found it. I was all night out with my head-torch when that appeared but someone else beat me to it!

It’s proved to keep the children busy over the half term, and lots of love and kindness has been seen to be going on, with special meaningful stones being painted and left on doorsteps. It’s been good for the soul of Lambourn of that I am sure.

So come join in the fun…. share your photographs, spread the happiness get painting rocks… its addictive!

Angela Simpson


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