Caption Competition: The Kitten And The Chicken

Recent snowy weather combined with a house full of animals to create this unusual stand-off between our ginger kitten Simba and our chicken Hazel.

If ever a photo called out for a caption, this is it. Here are some suggestions we’ve had so far. Please add your own in the comment box below!

Margaret M: “I wouldn’t even bother trying to cross the road if I were you”

Trish W: “If your name’s not down you’re not coming in!”

Pen B: Chicken to cat “Did you bring the milk?”

Brian D: Don’t chicken out, puss!

Jo S: “Foul outside, fowl inside”

Jo S: For the last time…”it’s the CAT that sat on the mat”

Mickey: If I promise not to eat you, will you let me in pleeeeease??

Ade: Come on ginger ye foods on the table

Angela: It’s clucking fowl out there

Angie: Who are you calling chicken?

Val: I know its cold out there but I’m not moving for you mate

Julie (with a french pun): Don’t poule a face like that, cat!

Jonathan H:In other news, the new replacement for “Ginger Spice” in the upcoming Spice Girls World Tour became hostile today, when a contestant refused to let a rival applicant into the audition room.

Beverly: And the pussy turns up at the hen party…

David H:Stop pussyfooting around. I can fly but still left my prints in it.


If anyone has any other caption ideas, please leave them in the comment section below. Or just let us know which caption is your favourite!


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