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Pet Tips from Oscar
Calming Tablets

Does your pet suffer from stress during  firework season?

Well no need to worry – did you know that there are calming tablets available for animals? Oscars sell a whole range of effective calming products to keep your precious pet calm this year. But don’t take our word for how good they are, read what our customers are saying.

“Last year’s bonfire night (and for the previous ten years) our Staffordshire bull terrier Ben has been terrified. He has tried to break through glass doors, clawed paint off doors and ripped carpet. The only place he felt safe was in the bath, shaking and panting for hours, long after the fireworks had finished.

Before this year’s bonfire night we gave Ben the calming tablets you recommended and he was so relaxed. With the exception of a little panting he was a different dog entirely. What a relief! I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much”

Dirk & Ben

Calming Spot On Beaphar-Calming-Tablets-for-Cats-and-Dogs

Healthy Pet Treats

It’s fast approaching that time of the year, when we over indulge, eat too much chocolate, then spend months in the new year getting our bodies back into some kind of shape. But what of our precious pets? Will it be a time for you to feed them all things that are bad for them? Did you know that so many of the things we love are not only bad but potentially dangerous if fed to our pets, especially chocolate? So please remember these (and tell any well-meaning guests who want to spoil your pets):

Turkey Bones – can split inside and get lodged in the throat.

Chocolate – extremely poisonous to dogs and causes heart arrhythmia

Mince Pies & cheese – just like us, our pets can gain weight from fatty foods

Nuts – can be extremely toxic to pets. As few as six macadamia kernels can lead to weakness or paralysis

Salty treats (crisps, bacon etc) – cause dogs to drink too much water, which can develop into a life-threatening condition called bloat

Clementines – pips (and other pip-based fruit) contain cyanide

Alcohol – dogs are more susceptible to the poisonous effects of alcohol and it can lead to death

FullSizeRender (003)If you want to treat your pets why not play safe this year and buy great healthy delicious treats specially designed for the pet’s digestion. By buying from us at Oscar you can be sure that all treats are free from sugar, artificial colours, preservatives and are made with human grade ingredients. Added to which we deliver free to the door, and we offer a complete nutritional advice service as well.

We even offer a slimmer’s treat so your pet won’t gain unwanted pounds this year. Click here to find our more about the Oscar Product range.

Remember Oscar Pet Foods is more than just a free delivery service – we care about your pets. We’re on hand, so do contact us if you need help with your pet.


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