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Many PP subscribers might remember Jo Fielder who used to run both Cobbs Farm Shop nr Hungerford and Fielders Farm Shop in Pangbourne. 18 months ago Jo was diagnosed with MS which changed her life completely and she had to stop work.

She was in a lot of pain, one side of her body had gone almost completely numb, she could hardly walk down the garden let alone up a mountain and she was petrified. This lasted for 5 months. After a month of respite she had another relapse, and was told her MS was rapidly evolving. Mentally, she froze with fear. She was put on a powerful drug therapy which has helped enormously and her MS has largely been in remission for the last 4 months or so.

Knowledge is power apparently but there was little information available to help her understand her complicated condition until she found the MS Trust. She now feels much better informed thanks to the work that they do and is aiming to raise £3,000 for them by climbing Snowdon on Saturday 16 May.

MS has changed Jo’s life, almost overnight. She has had to give up her career, learn to cope with a whole range of weird and wonderful symptoms and completely change her outlook on life. She has a drip fed drug infusion every month to keep her on the straight and narrow and that is really starting to have some effect.

Over the past year however, Jo’s legs have developed an intermittent fault. Some days they’re completely fine, other days they feel like they’re filled with concrete and won’t work properly. They don’t feel like her own legs anymore even though they look the same. This scares the living daylights out of Jo so she has decided to make the most of them while she can! Her legs may never get any worse but she doesn’t know what tomorrow brings and feels very lucky to still be mobile when so many other MSers no longer have that luxury.

Climbing Snowdon might not sound like a huge challenge but Jo remembers the days last year when a trip to the washing line looked like a marathon – so this is a huge deal! She just hopes that May 16th is a ‘good day’ for her legs!

To support Jo’s fund-raising campaign please donate via


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