Is it time to declutter?

You know that something’s becoming a big issue when a whole week is dedicated to it and from November 7 – 13th it is officially National Organising Week!

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

My top tip for getting organised is to de-clutter. It’s not rocket science – a clean and efficiently laid out office or home is always more conducive to getting things done than an overwhelming mass of paper, files, coffee cups, toys and post-it notes. As many people now work from home we have put together some tips on how to keep your home office clutter free!

Here are five top tips for a de-cluttered office:

1. Zone Out. No, we don’t mean have a doze! We mean devise a zoning system in your office: an area for filing trays, a clear area for your PC and phone, another area for research or coffee breaks.

2. Reach for It. Keep only what you need at arm’s length. No need for last year’s accounts looming over your keyboard!

3. Daily To-Do. The idea of a paperless office is great, but in our experience unworkable, so what we all need is an easy to stick to weekly system – files or in-trays labelled ‘today’ , ‘this week’, ‘done’. Just remember to file your ‘done’ tray somewhere else each night!

4. Stuff. Just how much ‘stuff’ do you really need in your office? Have a good look about and throw away anything you know, in your heart of hearts, you really don’t need. Chucking stuff away can be very therapeutic, you know!

5. Time for Mrs. Mop. Even if you’re neat, offices and all the electrical items in there ensure a build-up of dust; not to mention coffee cup rings, toast crumbs and sticky keyboards. Wipe down your work area every week – and at the same time throw away any detritus that has built up.

For daily organising tips throughout National Organising Week pop over to Pink Spaghetti’s Facebook page or contact Laura on



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