What influences your decision on which car to buy?

Initial purchase price, depreciation, insurance, road tax and fuel economy are all big factors. But what about repair costs? The salesmen don’t often mention them…

££££’s – how much for repairs?

Some cars are more labour intensive to repair than others – so with some models, repairs will cost you more due to increased labour times. Minis for example can be a bit of a pain as you have to take half of the engine out for some minor jobs; it’s the same with Smart cars… and there are some cars that even a ‘simple’ headlamp change can mean removing the entire front end to gain access!

We don’t advocate or dismiss any particular brand of vehicle, and to be honest almost all cars have their pro’s and con’s, but if running costs are important to you – do consider repair costs when buying a new car.

As vehicle technicians, we hate it when poor design, with little consideration for repair works, mean we spend excessive time accessing engines. – It looks bad when we take so long and frankly it’s very frustrating!

Working on all makes and models of vehicle, the smaller independent garages are best placed to advise you on the cars that are ‘a pain’, and therefore more costly, to repair.

If you ever need our help on choosing a new car please feel free to contact us on 01635 551000 and we’d be happy to help if you’re undecided.

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