Hungerford Library: A Volunteer’s View

Hungerford Library is a very sociable place. Since I started volunteering last summer, I have met lots of people, and got to know the staff, fellow volunteers and regular customers. Everyone has been very friendly and understanding if I don’t know how something works!

I’ve been a Library member for years, but it’s very different on the other side of the desk. I hadn’t realised there’s much more to running the library than shelving books (although there is a lot of that as well).

Volunteers help customers use the self-service machine, the photocopier and public-access computers. We also swap book recommendations, find bus timetables, or guide people round the shelves if they are looking for a particular subject or book.

I’ve cut lengths of wool ready for the children’s craft activities, pinned up displays, and helped people find the public loos! I’ve found so many lovely books that I want to read, the only problem is, I’ll never have time to read them all…

Can you help support our library? Currently we are seeking volunteers who can help regularly on Tuesday or Friday mornings, maybe weekly or fortnightly for an hour or two at a time. To apply, visit (scroll down to “Volunteer to help at a library”) and fill in the application form. For an informal chat about volunteering, pop into the Library or contact

There must be two people on site for the library to be open, usually the paid librarian with a volunteer, and over lunch-break, two volunteers. If we don’t have a volunteer for a particular slot, the library simply can’t open so it is a vital role.

Hilary Kelly


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