Human Food vs Cat Food – Busting the Myths

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It’s tempting to think that we can feed cats the same foods that we eat ourselves. But did you know that cats shouldn’t be given milk? If, like me you’re old enough to remember the old Tom & Jerry cartoons, you’ll remember that Tom drank milk all the time.  Well cats do love milk so why is it bad for them? Well, read on…

Many cats (and dogs for that matter) are lactose intolerant and they lack the enzyme that the body needs to break down the sugars found in milk, this can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. So always give them water (that has been stood for several hours to let the chlorine evaporate off).

Did you know that tinned tuna bought for human consumption is also bad for cats? The feline heart muscles require an amino acid call taurine to maintain normal strength and function. The tuna that we eat doesn’t contain this, so if your cat eats too much or has a steady diet of this and not enough food specially designed for them, they run the risk of developing heart problems. Just keep it to a small treat now and again and don’t give more than a small teaspoon full.

Some fish is OK for cats, but it is always worth remembering that their digestive system is different to a human’s and, like us, they need and deserve a proper well balanced diet that is suited for them. Oscar dried cat food provides all of the nutrients that your cat will ever need and at a competitive price and delivered free to the door.

If you have any nutritional queries then please contact us – Alan & Julie Parry, your local Oscar franchisee and nutritional advisers on 01235 759237, 07914 015719 or


images9DGM4AAVDog tip of the month: Its common sense really but – NEVER, NEVER leave a dog in a car on it’s own, even for a second no matter what the weather. Cars when closed even with a window slightly open get very hot. Your dog is trapped unable to get out for air. Remember dogs don’t sweat, so in a hot car they can’t cool down.

Your dog is part of your family, you wouldn’t leave a child in a car, so why leave your dog? Also, remember cars are stolen every day, I myself have had a car stolen which was devastating enough on its own,  just think of the devastation you would feel if that happened and your precious pet had been on  the back seat.


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