How to Refresh Your Home for Less and Whether to Follow a Trend

Are you feeling ready to refresh your home? Perhaps the lighter days and (slightly) warmer evenings have inspired you to think about entertaining, and you want to showcase your home in its very best light.


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If so, you’ll love this month’s eNews which is packed with tips on how you can bring new energy to your home without so much as painting a wall, as well as my advice on how closely you should follow a trend.

Easy Tips to Refresh Your Home

How would you like a fresh new look without having to redecorate?  Want to know how to avoid an expensive trip to the DIY store by making the most of what you’ve got?  Of course you do!

From repositioning mirrors to the difference that moving tables can make, and from re-using what you’ve got to unusual solutions to furniture problems, here’s my top tips for bringing new life to your home – without breaking the bank.

Should You Follow a Trend?littlegreen-toadgrey

What do ‘Urbane’, ‘Knightsbridge’ and ‘Toad’ have in common? They’re all shades of the major colour trend of the moment: Grey.

But how much should you follow this trend? And how can you make it work within your existing colour scheme?  Whether you’re a long-time fan who wants to make the most of the opportunity to indulge in the colour of the season, or someone who isn’t too keen but wants their home to look current, my blog provides you with all the information you’ll need (and proves that grey is anything but dull).


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We’d like to thank everyone from Penny Post who has allowed us into their wonderful homes and trusted us with their treasured possessions; it is a pleasure to help our clients achieve their vision.

If you know someone who desires a beautiful home, gracious style and timeless decorating, ask them to contact us to arrange a consultation – we’d love to help them too.

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