No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold Calling Zone

If you experience a lot of cold callers knocking on your doors, even if you display the “Do Not Buy and Sell at the Door” stickers, we recommend setting up a “No Cold Calling Zone” in your road.  The scheme is aimed at reducing unwanted cold callers by empowering householders and increasing awareness of doorstep crime.

In each zone prominent road signs are displayed at the entry and exit point of the zone and each house is issued with a door sticker repeating the message.  These door stickers and advice leaflets advise door to door salesman that the occupants do not want to be called upon. Cold calling on a householder who has expressed that they do not want to be contacted in this way could be considered a breach of consumer protection laws.

In order to set up your own No Cold Calling Zone, you need to obtain the agreement of at least 66% of residents but this is not hard to do. Please request an information pack from Clive Robinson of Trading Standards at West Berkshire Council Offices on 01635 503484 or There is no cost as the signs are provided by Trading Standards.

Our local No Cold Calling Zone has been in operation for 10 years and we now have very few cold callers at the door.   If we do, I explain that they shouldn’t be knocking on doors in our area, they usually apologise and leave our road.

Please contact me if you are also interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area. Once you are on the database you will receive police alert messages by email. The local neighbourhood police officer will also visit you to give you their direct contact details, and free NHW signs, stickers and letters to give to your neighbours.

Angela Money BEM 
Chair of Newbury and Thatcham Neighbourhood Watch
01635 40866


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