Homegrown Produce Recipes

Homegrown Produce Recipes

Green Tomatoes Recipes

Ruth’s Fried Green Tomatoes (picked up on a visit to Georgia, USA)
Slice really hard, homegrown green tomatoes acrosswise, rejecting top and bottom slices. Coat well with seasoned cornmeal or semolina. Fry a few at a time in hot oil.  Turn gently and be careful not to burn. Keep warm on a plate lined with kitchen towel. Ideally tomatoes should still have an al dente texture (rather than mushy).

Homegrown Spinach and Kale

Homegrown spinach and kale plants often produce more leaves than you can eat fresh. So blanch them down and bag for the freezer. Come December you’ll be glad you went to the effort!


Blackcurrants are ready now and add a popping tang to lots of recipes. We put them in smoothies, ice cream and flapjacks.


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