Hoax Email re 0809 Calls

Neighbourhood Watch
HOAX – ‘Calls to 0809 Area Code from UK will be Charged at £1500 Per Minute’

A message circulating that includes the letterhead of the Greater Manchester Police warns users not to ever dial the area codes 0809, 0284 and 0876 from the UK because such calls will be charged at £1500 per minute.

International premium rate call scams do occur. However, the claims in this message are untrue. The message has no relevance to the UK whatsoever and you would need to put a country code first to connect to an 0809 number. It is a reworked version of an earlier US based ‘warning’ message and the US version was also highly inaccurate and misleading.

Dialling the numbers listed from either the UK or the US will certainly not incur the huge charges described in the message.  Please do not pass on this hoax message via email. (From www.hoax-slayer.com)
More security advice/scams can be found on our Neighbourhood Action Group/Neighbourhood Watch website: www.uknags.org.uk/newbury_south_west

Angela Money



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