Harvest ‘Worming’

The harvest has been early this year due to early rain we had followed by lots of sun to ripen the crops. When the fields are ploughed it’s quite a sight to see buzzards, kites and gulls ‘worming’ behind the plough. The churned up worms and grubs make for an easy meal, particularly for the young birds about now.
A newly harvested field is also a great place to watch hunting birds of prey and owls – they will pick off exposed rats, mice, voles and snakes and at night, owls will come in from a fair distance away. Look for them perching on standing bales. But the window is short:  most creatures will dash for cover quickly!
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The above photo of gulls worming behind a plough has been kindly supplied by the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
If you have any similar photos, especially of birds of prey following a plough please send them to penny@pennypost.org.uk

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