Handybus Volunteer Drivers and Passenger Assistants Needed


Have you a few hours to spare?

The Handybus (a minibus) delivers a very valuable service providing transport for groups of people who may find getting about difficult.  The service is reliant on the team of excellent volunteers who drive the ‘bus and we always like to add to that team.

If you have one half day free (or more) per month and have category ‘D1’ on your driving licence we would love to hear from you.  If you passed your car driving test before 1997, you will very probably have the D1 driving licence category.

We provide Handybus training before people take up the full duties – so you have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the minibus.  And, if you decide it is not for you, we are only grateful that you gave it a try.

We would also like to recruit some Passenger Assistants who help the drivers on some of the trips.  The Passenger Assistant helps passengers getting on and off the bus and with any shopping they may have.  No licences required!


Please contact Trevor Lisseman on 01635 37111 or via email handybus@vcwb.org.uk


Hungerford’s CHAIN office (on Church Street behind Cooper and Cooper) has a leaflet explaining a little more about the Handybus.  Or please contact Ted Angell (Handybus Co-ordinator) on 01488 682610, 077998 86597 or ted@tedangell.wanadoo.co.uk


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