Personal Development for Parents

In my several years of being a therapist helping, supporting, encouraging and empowering my clients I have done a tremendous amount of reading. This is the best book I have come across yet.

GROW! Is totally relevant to everyone who has anything to do with children: parents in the planning stage or with small, medium and large children; aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, and also to each and every one of us – to help us understand and interact positively with our own inner child.

It’s about how to bring up resilient children.

How to bring up kids who are able to cope with the constantly increasing social pressures and global changes that our children and grandchildren and selves are being bombarded with daily.

How to bring up our children with healthy minds, healthy emotions, healthy imaginations, healthy self-confidence, healthy problem solving abilities, healthy outlooks.

Such a good, sound book and also an easy read. Child rearing philosophy and practice with solid, easy to understand examples – we’ve all been there and understand exactly what he is talking about. Step by step ways of doing our childrearing in a way that empowers the best in our children and ourselves.

I absolutely love this book. Perhaps mostly because Trevor Silvester addresses that really tricky issue of how to handle ourselves as well as how to handle our child. There is good reason why the title of the book GROW! is followed by the words Personal Development for Parents.

In his own words Trevor Silvester, long time therapist and founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, says of this book “I wanted to help you inoculate yourself and your children . . . from some common miseries my clients experience. As those miseries got linked to the way our brains work, and as how our brains work connected to the way society operates, it became something bigger: the idea that changing the way you approach raising our children could actually improve you ”. . . improve our “world”.

This book is not only essential as our personal sidekick in bringing up resilient children, it is also very funny. It reads as easily as a good novel. Excellent writing considering the impressively long bibliography at the back.

GROW! was published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd in 2018 and can be bought in most major bookstores including Hungerford Bookshop


Siobhan Nell

Siobhan Nell Cognitive Hypnotherapy


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