Gooseberry Recipes

Thank you to the Penny Post readers who submitted these gooseberry recipes. They sound tempting enough to win me round to gooseberries. Please comment below with any more suggestions!

1. Gooseberry Sorbet

800g fresh gooseberries, topped and tailed
300g golden caster sugar
300ml water
(ginger and elderflower also good to add for extra flavour)

Put sugar and water in a medium sauce pan, heat over medium heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add gooseberries, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Let it cool down slightly before pureeing in a blender or food processor. Press the mixture through a sieve into a bowl, squeezing out as much juices as possible. Leave the puree to cool completely, then pour into a freezer safe container and place in a freezer. When the sorbet starts to freeze around the edges, take it out of the freezer and stir with a fork to break up any frozen sections. Return to the freezer and repeat the process until the sorbet is completely frozen. If you are using ice cream maker, churn according to the machine instruction.

Inger May


2. Gooseberries and Elderflowers

Collect elderflowers and cook them with gooseberries, with a little sugar and water, that makes a wonderful basis for a pie, tart or fool, or indeed ice cream.  The flavour is in my mind quite celestial.  Perhaps next year you could collect the blossom earlier, and then use it on left over gooseberries in your freezer!

Mark James

Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam

Micky Alfrey, Simply Delish

3. Gooseberries in cakes

Gooseberry Fool Cupcakes

Gooseberry & Coconut Cake

4. Savoury Gooseberry Recipes

Gooseberries (like rhubarb and currants) are very useful in savoury dishes, often as a substitute for lemon and lime.

Gooseberry & Chickpea Hummus


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