Get your skin ready for summer

Are you thinking about buying a new bikini but dreading the changing room mirror? After cold winter months covered up by layers of clothes, skin goes into hibernation mode so here’s our top tips on how you can get your skin ‘all a-glow’ before you head out to the shops.

Perfect Pins

Release your inner bare-legged beauty and wave goodbye to waxing, razors and hair removal crème with our laser hair removal treatments. Effective, pain-free, and delivering immediate results, starting a course of treatment now will ensure your legs are silky smooth and hair-free for your holiday.

Banish Thread Veins

If thread veins are making an unwelcome appearance and knocking your confidence, non-invasive laser and IPL treatments provide instant improvements. By applying thermal energy in short bursts, veins are closed without causing damage, allowing the vein to disappear gradually following treatment.

Wave Goodbye to Unwanted Tattoos

If you’ve got a tattoo you’re no longer in love with, we can help it become a thing of the past with specialist laser treatment. The laser breaks down the ink pigmentation, allowing your body to gradually, and naturally, flush it away.

Exfoliation – Your New Best Friend

It is really important to exfoliate daily in the summer to get rid of dry, flaky skin on your body. DMK Hydra Louffa is a superb, refreshing body cleanser and exfoliant in one and can be applied directly to the skin while showering or bathing. It’s also a great way to prepare your skin for fake tan application, ensuring long-lasting, even, coverage.

Maximum Moisture – Inside and Out

You will need to drink more water during the summer months to replenish the water you are losing. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day and use a good quality body lotion like DMK’s Maximum Moisture to keep your skin super supple.

Think about nutrition

There are so many wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables in season so make sure you eat or juice these everyday to boost your skin health. Supplements like the super-nutrient rich Colladeen Derma Plus, can help the skin cope with exposure to sunlight by providing sun protection from within. Also don’t forget to apply your SPF broad spectrum sun cream at least once a day during the summer whether the sun is out or not.


This is just a glimpse of the advice and services available from the team at Andresa Skin Health Clinic – we hope they help you to find your glow as we head towards summer. If you have a question, or a skin-health challenge that you’d like our help with, just give us a call on 01635 800183.


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