How to get your skin through the festive season

At Christmas we all induge in too many rich foods, too much alochol and we do not take enough exercise. This all takes its toll on your skin, leaving it de-hydrated, dry and dull. So here are 12 useful tips to get your skin through the festive season:

• Get a good night’s sleep. Turn off all the gadgets and have a few early nights which = a fresh face in the morning!
• Pace yourself at parties. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks for brighter skin and a clearer head.
• Go on a good long walk on Boxing Day and draw in some deep breaths of fresh air for a quick mood fix and a healthy glow.
• Eat foods rich in antioxidents (berries, spinach) help nourish skin from the inside out.
• Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon to boost your body and flush out toxins.
• Drink at least 1.5 litres a day to re-hydrate your skin.
• Try and limit caffeine & alcohol for clear skin and a clear head!
• Make sure you’re getting plenty of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) to plump your skin from the inside out.
• Don’t leave your make up on at night however late you go to bed.
• Ensure you still cleanse your skin daily and if you have time treat it to a nourishing mask to wake up fresh-faced.
• Try and relax – try meditation or a walk in the woods for a mood boost that shows in your skin.
• Don’t forget yourself this Christmas! Help those special people in your lives choose a lovely gift by giving them your wish list. All you have to do is fill in the wish list, make your choice by ticking the boxes and let Santa – Oops! – your partner, friend or relative know what you would like for Christmas! Just click here

Everyone at Andresa Skincare Clinic in Hampstead Norreys wishes you a very Happy Christmas and a happy New Year!

Theresa Fleetwood


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