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Hello everyone,

Hiking BootsThis month we thought we’d bring you something a little bit different. Because, this is our final article with Penny Post. We’re moving onto ‘hills’ (we’ve done pastures!) new.

We’ve really enjoyed blogging each month and hope you’ve had fun reading our ramblings. And a special thanks to Penny for letting us saunter across these virtual pages!

Where did that year go?

Over the past year, we’ve written about getting Your campervan into shape for Spring, How to create a Tech Free day in your life, Summer and Winter Festivals along with Glamping Trends, Experiences v Possessions and our favourite How to get your kids outdoors this winter.

Whilst we continue to run 4 Points Leisure, the sister company SED-Developments, is springing to life with a jolt. As you know, Richard, the techie side of 4 Points Leisure, is into, well, all things techie. Back in summer 2017 he brought a 3D printer to play with (at least it wasn’t a convertible!) All great until he made a cookie cutter, and that got me thinking. Did I hear an inward groan?

Fast forward (as they say) to January 2018, with two 3D printers, and over a hundred cookie cutter designs, 3D printing has become difficult to ignore. And it’s not just cookie cutters: remote control snow plough, funky dog bone zippers, model aeroplane noses, coffee stencils, glow in the dark tent pegs – the list is becoming endless, but exciting all the same.

4 Points Leisure will still be out and about, especially over the summer, with country and steam shows (do come and say hello).

If you’ve enjoyed our exploits, you can still catch us on Facebook and the 4 Points Leisure website. Fancy a little cookie cutter in your life? You can check out SED-Developments, where we showcase our latest designs. If you can’t find a cookie cutter to change your life, then give us a shout and we’ll create it for you.

Until another time please do #getoutdoors, it has such a long lasting and positive effect on you and your wellbeing. But if you’re stopping inside do #getbaking!

Jo & Richard

4 Points Leisure
The Glamping, Camping and Festival Accessories shop, with years of camping experience




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