French Fruit Tart

Our French friend Dany kindly shared her fruit tart recipe with ‘pastry in the pan’ which is much easier to make at home than the other pastries. It also has the advantage of being crunchy outside and soft inside.


Warm up 5 tbsp of water and 5 tbsp of sugar and melt 100gms of butter (or oil) in a saucepan. Turn off the heat.

Add 250gm of flour (in the photos Dany used whole cane sugar and einkorn flour – that’s why the pastry is brown).

Mix. Then spread in a baking tin.


On top of the pastry layer cut up fresh fruit eg greengages, plums, blueberries etc. See below for apple and strawberry tart instructions.

Beat together one egg, about 5 tbsp of ground almond (optional), some fresh cream and some sugar.

Pour on top of the greengages.


Cook for about 35 minutes at 180 degrees.

Serve warm or cold.



Apple Tart

This is the most common type of tart. Dany usually grates some apples on the bottom and then a layer of thinly sliced of apple. You don’t need the egg and cream mixture on top.

Strawberry Tart

In this case you bake the pastry by itself. Then you add some creme patissiere (not sure what this is called here but we combined custard and greek yoghurt). Then you layer the strawberries (or blueberries or tinned pineapple) and glaze them (but don’t bake them).

To make a glaze, dissolve some apricot jam with a spoonful or two of water by heating it gently and add a spoonful or two of sugar.






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