Five alarming home-security statistics and one encouraging one

What do you want first – the bad news or the good news? OK, we’ll start with the bad (these may not all apply to you and, even if they do, they can all be solved). Here goes:

• 3.4 million spare keys are ‘hidden’ in the UK – common places include under a rock that looks out of place near the front door, under the mat and under the dustbin.

• Two out of three homeowners do not change their locks after moving into a new property.

• 22% of people trust their neighbour with a spare key. Obviously if you trust your neighbour this can be a real boon but a surprising number of people do not reclaim these keys when if move, or reclaim them from the neighbour if the neighbour moves.

• 56% of those with contents insurance fail to ensure that there external doors meet the policy criteria. Insurance companies are famous for looking for reasons why they don’t need to settle a claim. Failing to meet their written (and often reasonable) requirements gives them all the ammunition they need.

• It would take less than a minute for a thief to break into a Euro Profile cylinder using very basic tools. In case you’re not sure what these are, they look like this:






So – what can be done?

My business is to ensure that my customers are safe when in their property and there property is safe when there out. Wyse Locksmiths prides itself on customer service. We offer a unique free of charge discussion and assessment of any property to determine any areas that could be improved. We can check all doors and windows for current setup, will happily read and advise on contents insurance policy to insure cover and offer options for improvements if needed.

Now here is a statistic that’s rather better news. 32 out of our last 50 assessments needed no work at all! The clients  now though have peace of mind that their security is of an excellent standard and that their insurance policy is valid.

For an informal chat about your options, please do give me a call. My name is Craig and my number is 0782 5566 865.

If you want to read what my customers say, have a look here.



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