Which Festival Will You Choose?

With over 10,000 festivals across the world each year how on earth do you choose which festival you want to go to or be seen at? All depending of course on what matters most to you!

How do you start? Do you choose a band and follow them wherever they go? Do you go with friends wherever they’re going? What environment do you prefer? Do you want beach, country or town? The festival’s location can be very important. Then do you choose locally or within walking distance? For us financial issues play a large part in where we end up.

Get the festival facts! In this blog we’ve set out to discover what festivals are around to suit a variety of requirements. So read on for the festival lowdown.

Family Friendly Festivals

We have children and when they’re happy, we’re happy – hence we need to look for family festivals of which there are plenty.

Take the Starry Skies Family Camp for instance. Here you can let the kids roam free.

Alternatively venture to the Elderflower Fields Festival

Or – how about the Once Upon a Time in the West in Wiltshire? This is a fun but chilled festival.

Location, location, location

What if it’s the location that drives you? If you’re thinking beach festivals, the majority of these are at the southern end of Europe. Festivals such as:
Sea Dance Festival  – Jaz Beach Budva, Montenegro with Sean Paul and John Newman headlining the line up.
• The UK beach festival, Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall combines surfing, BMX, skating and music. Here the World Surf League Championships are held within a friendly festival atmosphere.
• Want more sunshine? Barcelona here we come, for the Sonar Festival. Whilst not quite on the beach it’s pretty close! This festival has paved the way for others as it looks to bring together the crucial link between creativity and technology in the electronic and dance music arena.

Fantasy and Folklore Festivals

Tomorrowland FestivalFestivals are also about being transported to another world for the weekend, and if that rocks your boat there are plenty of large theatrical festivals to get your teeth into.

Does anything beat Glastonbury for sheer scale and spectacle? And of course the spirituality associated with the place.

Then there’s Tomorrowland where you’ll enter a whole fantasyland – ‘Global Journey’ dance music being at its core.

Take a look at Boomtown. Here a whole city is set up, created as a massive playground for all.

It’s all about the music

Music leads me! Choosing a festival by the general feel of the type of music it showcases, can be the best way to have a fantastic time. No point going to a specific country and western festival if you love electro dance. Our Festival Calendar, details over 300 festivals and handily categorizes them by music genre, so you can find what you love quickly. What with that, this blog and our festival accessories you need look no further for anything!

For heavy rock fans, the Download Festival is the obvious choice, or you might seek out the SOS Festival in Manchester. For Americana you can do no better than the Maverick Festival based in Easton Farm Park, Suffolk.

Dancing in the city

Metropolitan festivals have taken up the vibe, growing in number since 2014. 2016’s festival Common People (from the makers of Bestival) attracted 35,000 to Southampton over two days.

Inner city music with several locations, show how music festivals are not confined to the image of a muddy field. You can access this music in venues throughout a city or even a village. Tramlines do exactly this in the city of steel, Sheffield.

On a smaller scale, Waterlooville in Hampshire host their music festival over 9 days in June. Covering 26 different music events, it’s still as diverse as the big cities in their offerings.

As you can see, with over 200 major festivals in the UK to choose from, the variety of music, arts, acts, performances and beer, is mind-boggling. Choosing where to go is truly based on what and whom you want to see!

If, after reading this, you’re still stuck for where to go, check out our handy 4 Points Leisure Festival Calendar. And if it’s your first time out there then take a look at our Festival Tips and Packing Guide and Festival Gear. Not to mention of course a good old browse of our online festival shop. It’s packed with all manner of things you simply can’t do without. Trust us!

Good luck out there this year – hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for some great festivals. Let us know where you end up, we’d love to hear from you.

Jo & Richard

4 Points Leisure
The Glamping, Camping and Festival Accessories shop, with years of camping experience


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