Exhibition of Landscape Paintings: Ramsbury and Ghana

Jonathan Hall has created a series of stunning paintings and drawings featuring beautiful landscapes around Ramsbury, Wiltshire and Lawra, Upper West, Ghana. These will be exhibited and on sale at the Ramsbury Memorial Hall for a special exhibition in aid of Action Through Enterprise (ATE Ghana) on Saturday 26th November.


Jonathan has trained at the Slade School of Art and held numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Show 2014.

The exhibition has been put together by Jonathan in order to raise awareness of the charitable work of ATE Ghana and raise funds for the work he will carry out with the charity in Ghana in January 2017.

ATE Ghana is a charity which operates in the rural district of Lawra, one of the poorest parts of Ghana. It provides free school meals, support for small businesses and care for disabled children.

ATE currently supports approximately 150 disabled children in the district. In the local tradition a child born with a disability is believed to be cursed; not only the child but the whole family may be ostracised and have difficulty generating income and accessing education and healthcare for their disabled child. One of the long term objectives of ATE is to try to alter that perception.


Jonathan is raising funds in order to create and deliver a six week programme of stimulating activities to engage the special needs children in Lawra district. Jonathan has already travelled to Lawra in August this year, at his own expense, to better understand the needs and capabilities of the disabled children there. On his return to Ghana in January he’ll also be teaching Art to school children in three ATE-supported schools in the district.

The exhibition of Jonathan’s paintings and drawing will be held at Ramsbury Memorial Hall, High Street, Ramsbury on Saturday 26th November 2016, from 5:30pm to 9pm. Entry is free.

For more information you can visit www.ateghana.org, www.jonathanhall.nu, https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/jonathanhall1. Or please contact Astrid Hall on 01672 521352 or at astridmorton@gmail.com.


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