Exercise and your skin

Many of us have set New Year’s Resolutions committing ourselves to running, riding and swimming ourselves into leaner, healthier specimens. Across my client base I have a host of men and ladies who are taking part in all sorts of sports for health, pleasure, and increasingly for the thrill of competition.

This commitment to fitness has brought with it a new focus for them when it comes to skin health as what we do with our bodies can present often unwanted effects on our skin.

Outdoor sports

With increased time spent outdoors, even in weak winter sunlight, we are exposing ourselves to harmful UV rays that can rapidly damage the surface of the skin leading to premature aging and risk of skin disease. For that reason it is crucial to make sure that you are adequately protecting any exposed areas of skin from UV rays with a good sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF 30 or 50 – paying particular attention to your face, décolletage and hands.

Indoor sports

Even if working out in the gym, you will still be subject to the increased sweating and hormonal changes brought on by exercise which can create skin sensitivity, dehydration, redness and the appearance of spots so make sure that you are treating your skin both inside and out with plenty of fluid and good quality, pH balanced moisturising skin-care.

High impact sports

Something that I’m providing an increasing amount of support on is the appearance, and treatment, of thread veins both on the face and the body. If you are participating in a high-impact sport such as tennis, cycling or running then these do have a tendency to appear which can lead to you feeling disinclined to show off your toned calves but luckily help is at hand in the form of non-invasive laser treatment that provides near instant results in the case of those tricky little red veins that often appear on the face and chest, around ankles and shins, and at the top of the thigh.

In the case of cycling in particular which is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the incredible achievements of Bradley Wiggins, more men are choosing to wax or use the new pain-free laser hair removal treatment technology that we offer, to remove leg hair which leads to the discovery of thread veins; and something that more of my male clients are choosing to request. When you’ve given it your all to achieve a great physique, the last thing you want is to have to cover it up because your skin doesn’t look as healthy as the rest of your body.

Good luck with all your New Year’s sporting resolutions and take care of your skin along the way. For any more advice about exercise and your skin please feel free to contact the team at Andresa Skincare in Hampstead Norreys on 01635 800183.


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