Emergency Preparedness – What’s in your Camping Toolbox?

Is preparedness even a word?! Who cares? We’ll say it is, and move on!

Emergency Toolbox
Emergency Toolbox

We don’t know about you, but we have a *motorhome* (insert caravan, campervan, shed, bucket as applicable!) stuffed from tyre rims to roof rack with stuff.

Reduced Emergency Preparedness!

Often I’ll decide it’s time for a massive chuck out, and his nibs (read husband), is aghast. I’ve never seen him run so fast to save, what he calls, ‘emergency preparedness’ equipment. As he looks sideways to check I don’t touch the box of emergency equipment it’s like having a mini man cave in the motorhome!

I thought I was alone having a hubby with a burgeoning ‘you never know, just in case’ syndrome. But I find, sadly, that I’m not!

As I crash through the piles of handy bits and bobs, I start thinking of all the times these items have got us out of difficulty. With this magical Treasure Box, we can fix most items.  Like the time we needed to mend a dodgy submersion pump or when the fly screen came flying off in my hand – (heavy handed? Moi?).

Emergency Super Glue
Superglue with obligatory tissue!
Electrical Tape
Electrical Tape in every colour required!

Our most important, most used items, in our treasure chest are superglue, duct tape (have a look at our blog 10 Uses for Duct Tape for even more uses!) electrical tape, and a can of grease.



To double check it’s not only us with an ‘emergency preparedness disorder’ I decided to confer with the Facebook Group Motorhome Adventures. It’s a closed group but worth ‘applying’ as I’ve never met a nicer group of people. Well I haven’t literally ‘met’ them – it’s a Facebook group. But you know what I mean.

I’ve been reading their posts for the last year. They cover everything from holidays, to what van to buy, to photos of parts of vans! So I asked them what their emergency kit would be. Here’s what they said:

The Experts Choice of Emergency Preparedness

Spare bulbs, fluorescent jacket, torch, pen, paper – the essential items we should all be carrying with us, especially when travelling around Europe. Check here for our Guide to Travelling in continental Europe.

Their offerings continued with such things as a banana, kettle, teabags & a piece of string – I laughed, but honestly how many times have you turned up late to a site, with an awning still to put up!? We usually have a beer first, but perhaps a banana would be more advisable!

Wire coat hangers – lovely, mouldable, wire coat hangers bend into almost any shape you need and away you go.

Sika flex
Sikaflex for all sealant jobs

Silkaflex – this is a great one, as almost every external part of the campervan is silka-flexed and, if you find yourselves coming unstuck, or a small leak begins, this one would be essential.

Spare cap for the toilet cassette. Now, this has never happened to me but one of my fears, is losing the cap to the toilet cassette down the toilet when emptying it. We may well be adding this to his mini man cave on wheels.



Then we have WD40, & spray contact adhesive – we understand the WD40, which is essential with boilers, engines etc. but not so sure about the spray adhesive?

Other suggestions included:

Butterfly clips                                  Velcro straps bungees

Hot glue gun                                    Batteries

Small tarp                                        4lb lump hammer

Araldite rapid                                 Electric Fuses

Crow Bar                                         Gripper Strips

Heavy duty clear plastic for glass repairs

So, some great ideas there from experienced motorhomers and campers.

If you’re setting up your unit, or are new to motorhoming then including these items will see you through your first emergency.

It can be daunting when something breaks on the motorhome. But with the aid of the World Wide Web and a well-stocked tool box, most problems can be overcome. And anyway, the time the exhaust came loose and we tied it back on with knitting wool, whilst we drove onto the ferry, is an interesting tall tale.

Let us know what goes into your emergency preparedness kit, and we’ll include it here.

Jo & Richard

4 Points Leisure
The Glamping, Camping and Festival Accessories shop, with years of camping experience


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