Dog Poo

Doo poo is a huge problem across our area causing a health danger, especially to children, as well as unsightly fouling of footpaths and public places.

Responsible dog ownership

The information below relates to West Berkshire Council. You can also report dog fouling in our neighbouring councils of Vale of White Horse, Swindon and Wiltshire.

West Berkshire Council (WBC) encourages all dog owners to act responsibly. Its Facebook page has tips and information that might help: see also its dog fouling leaflet and Good Dog Guide.


Various legislation, including the Dog (Fouling of Land Act) 1996, places a legal responsibility on dog owners to clean up after their pets. The on-the-spot fine for dog fouling is £50 but this can increase to £1,000 – and a criminal record – if a case goes to magistrates court.

How to report dog fouling and problems with dog-waste bins?

Please do this using the online form on WBC’s website – click here.

What will happen next?

It can be complicated to deal with what might appear to be a simple complaint. Addressing an issue might require a specific approach depending on whether it involves a simple clean up, enforcement action, raising awareness, changes to the way we provide facilities for dog owners, or a combination of all the above. It may even fall under the category of anti-social behaviour where persistent offenders are identified.

The action WBC takes depends on a number of factors. If you provide your contact information alongside the report, they may contact you to discuss what they’re doing to address your complaint.

Does the Council carry out patrols?

Yes. WBC’s wardens and other officers have carried out a number of patrols in Hungerford recently based upon reports made on the WBCl reporting system (see above).

WBC’s Senior Environmental Control Officer added that “When we come across areas that are badly fouled we ensure there is enough signage up and spray the offending dog poo with bright pink chalk spray. This highlights the problem to dog walkers so they know someone is coming out and checking and also stops children or people stepping in it. We have found that this does improve areas where complaints have previously been received.”

What health problems can dog mess cause?

Several, the most serious of which is toxiocariasis. You can read more about this condition, the problem of dog fouling generally and the legislation which exists to try to prevent it by clicking here.

There is also advice here from Julie at Oscar Pet Food on how your dog’s diet will affect its poo – making it more or less easy to pick up.



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