Dog & Cat Feeding Tips from Alan and Julie at Oscar

Pet Tips from Oscar

Do you know if your dog is getting the right amount of food for the weight they should be?

What happens if you don’t weigh the food and give your dog too much?

  • dogs don’t tend to control the amount of food they need; many will eat whatever is put down for them
  • the dog puts on weight
  • more poo to clear up!
  • overfeeding increases the amount of protein and protein cannot be stored by dogs. So once the dog extracts the amount required and the rest manifests itself as diarrhoea
  • more importantly, it costs you more.

So how can Alan & Julie at Oscar help?

We are not just a pet food delivery service. Oscar food is very high quality and the ingredients don’t change, this means the feeding rates don’t change. We would have your pets’ details on file, we know their ages and what food they have and importantly how much they should be fed.

Oscar food is not bulked out with cereals so the feeding rate is lower than most leading brands making it very cost effective, you pay for quality ingredients and not cereals.

We monitor how long a bag is lasting, so we can advise if we think you may be over feeding. We offer a free pet weighing service to all of our customers.

Remember we deliver free to your door, we are trained animal nutritionists and as a customer you would have FREE access to our vets, behaviourists and nutritional advice.

So whether you work full time, at home or away, are retired or full time looking after the kids call us and we can deliver straight to your door to save you traipsing to the shops to buy the food and carry it home.


Does your cat drink seemingly dirty water from outside rather than the lovely water in doors? Well, a cat’s sense of smell is phenomenal, so it might be that fresh tap water smells like chemicals to them. Try filling a jug of water and leaving it on the side for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate before giving it your cat. We’ve found it really works. Our pampered pussy now drinks far more water indoors than outdoors – and we now know what she’s drinking.

For further information or advice please contact Alan or Julie at Oscar Pet Food via the numbers below.

Tel: 01235 759237

Mob: 07914 015719



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