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Why do you need to trade mark your business? You can set up a business in minutes today. However – just because you register a company name with Companies House and buy the website url, you don’t have exclusive right to this name unless you also own the trade mark to your business name or ‘brand’. (In fact it might be that you’ve unwittingly started a company with a name that has already been trade marked by someone else – and they may have the right to stop you trading if you are selling the same or similar products or services).

Whether you’re building a global brand or opening up a local yoga studio, your name is one of the most precious assets that you have, and the last thing you want to is someone else to use it.

The good news is you can protect your brand or logo by registering it as a trade mark and Dale Campbell is an experienced trade mark attorney based in Newbury who can help. Registering a trade mark gives you ownership and exclusive rights to your brand, so no one can use it without your say so. If you fail to register your brand as a trade mark, someone may force you to rebrand. Quite alone from the costs involved in having to change your own brand, how would you feel to see the name that you had spent so long working on being used by somebody else?

Like Coca-Cola® or Mrs B’s Kitchen®, you too can protect your brand.


There is a fee involved but the protection it offers your business is well worth it. Your trade mark is an asset which will increase the value of your company.

You can apply for a trade mark directly at the Intellectual Property Office and not pay a trade mark attorney to do it for you. However, there are many situations where hiring an attorney from the beginning will actually save you money.

Recently, an entrepreneur approached Trademark Tribe to find out if she could gain trade mark registration before launching her cosmetic brand. Despite her doing her own searches, our search found a big competitor she had missed who actively defends their brands. It wasn’t great telling her the name she loved couldn’t be used but satisfying knowing we saved her from paying unnecessary fees for her application to fail, for her to have to rebrand and change her domain names. We worked with her to find a name that is equally as good and even better as it’s a name which is able to gain trade mark protection. She can now confidently spend money on branding agencies, website designers and launching her product knowing she owns the brand and no one can ask her to change a thing. Using an attorney is worthwhile.

How It Works

At Trademark Tribe we understand that cash flow can be a challenge for smaller businesses, which is why we’ve created a simple, online form that walks you through the process, including review of your application by an expert trade mark attorney and the option of a simple staged payment.

The process:

1. Visit www.trademarktribe.com to begin your trade mark search.
2. Input the name you wish to trade mark in the country and class you wish to register. Trade marks fall into 45 different classes covering different products or services. You need to choose the class(es) which are relevant to your business, e.g. Class 25 is for clothing. We will talk to you to make sure that the correct class(es) are included in your application to give you the best protection for your brand.
3. Decide whether you want to pay upfront or in 4 equal payments – simple!

Once you have completed the online application, Dale and her team will contact you to discuss any outstanding issues.

You don’t have to be a solopreneur or a small business to take advantage of our affordable service – our expertise extends right the way up to major corporates.  At Trademark Tribe, everybody’s welcome!


Kiki Maurey OBE MBA, Executive / Leadership Coach-Speaker
“I turned to Dale Campbell as the only trade mark attorney I’d trust to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of trade mark registration. This is not something you’ve put into the hands of anyone less. She’s great at what she does and always delivers. I cannot recommend her highly enough (and already recommend her to my professional contacts).”

Russell Adlem, Curriculum Lead/Tutor at Catch22
“Dale and Trademark Tribe have not only protected my brand ‘Foodeeze’ with a word mark and logo mark but keep me regularly updated of any conflicting marks for an extremely reasonable fee. Dale has been great at giving advice and making recommendations to ensure Foodeeze is protected. She has also introduced me to some great people and together we produced a fantastic article about Trademark Tribe and Foodeeze.  Dale is a fantastic person to work with and her clients certainly come first. ” Click here for full story behind Foodeeze and Dale’s contribution to their success.

Neil Franklin, Factilities and Operations Manager at Micro Focus
“I have first-hand experience of working with Dale. Dale has been responsible for successfully navigating us through some complex Trademarking issues that we had. Our success was all down to Dale’s knowledge, diligence and experience not just in the Trade Mark and Patenting space, but commercially across the various aspects of business. I am particularly impressed at the amount of time Dale always invests in getting to know and understand your business thoroughly. I consider Dale to be an expert in her field  – she is thoroughly competent and brings a wealth of experience, energy and enthusiasm to get things done. Dale is completely honest and won’t just tell you what you want to hear – a refreshing alternative in today’s business world.”

How to Contact Trademark Tribe

To enquire about the trademark needs of your business, please contact:

Dale Campbell BA(Hons) MBA PAdm
European Trade Mark and Design Attorney
0208 102 9871
Twitter: @TradeMarkTribe


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