Cold Weather Car Care Tips from Elite Garage

As the temperatures are dropping, here are our 7 quick tips to stay on the road.

1 – Anti-freeze: Engine coolant should be a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is vital as it keeps your engine from freezing in low temperatures. Always make sure to check for leaks and clean up any spills as anti-freeze is extremely poisonous and can prove fatal if ingested by small animals. If you’re in any doubt as to how to check your anti-freeze levels please do get your mechanic to check it for you.

2 – Windscreen Wash: With grit on the road and impressive sunsets you’ll be needing your wipers more than usual. Use screen wash with anti-freezing properties, available from most supermarkets, so your water doesn’t freeze.

3 – De-icer: Use a de-icer spray, available in most supermarkets, to remove ice from your windscreen and glass. Simply spray it on the glass and the ice dissolves. Make sure you release the wiper blades too – otherwise they may stick and rip. Never use hot or even warm water; the accumulation of ice on glass means that the temperature of the glass is extremely cold – throwing hot water onto it causes a rapid temperature change and sudden expansion of the glass, leading to cracking.

4 – Lights: Don’t forget to remove the ice from your lights too – so you can see and be seen.

5 – Battery: Have a volt test done by your mechanic to check your battery isn’t running low. Batteries have to work harder in winter and one that’s managed to survive the summer may just give up the ghost come the colder weather leaving you stranded.

6 – Fuel: Keep your fuel levels topped up… if you are to get stuck in traffic you’ll need the fuel to keep the car running and you warm, but also, a full tank may prevent water from freezing inside your fuel pump.

7 – Tyres: They are key for both steering and braking so it’s crucial you check the tread and pressure. We would recommend a minimum of 3mm depth, compared to the legal minimum of 1.6mm, as this gives better grip. Tyre pressure will depend on your make of car… refer to your manufacturers specification or if in doubt get your mechanic to check for you.

And if it snows, here’s advice from the RAC about why you should clear snow off your car before you hit the road.

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