Christmas Security Tips

Security Tips

Christmas Security Tips

Unfortunately this time of year provides a number of opportunities for burglars.

So here are five Christmas security tips – each may seem obvious but they bear repetition:

1. Before you go out or away for a few days, set your lights on a timer and leave your curtains ajar (so they look normal day or night).

2. Try not to have presents visible from the window.

3. If you have children or dogs, leave toys in the garden to make the house look occupied.

4. Don’t lead your outdoor festive lights in through a window – as it will make it easy for burglars to open the window. Use LEDs or use an outdoor power source.

5. And one for after Christmas: empty boxes for computers, games consoles and the like will, if piled up outside the house, give a burglar some clues as to what goodies might be found indoors.



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