Christmas Gammon from Welford Park

Welford pigletsOur three Great White sows, Daphne, Esperanza and Frances, were born on the Welford Estate near Newbury (famous for its magnificent displays of snowdrops during February).

Their piglets enjoy free range foraging in the woods on the estate until they are weaned.

How to Order

Get your orders in as soon as possible for our famous delicious gammons for Christmas! Please telephone 01488 608203 or email

Our gammons are boned, rolled and vacuum packed with no preservatives or water injected and will be ready for collection after 18th December.

A whole gammon weighs between 8 – 10 kilo and a half gammon is 3 – 5 kilo (full meat weight as there is no bone) so you will have plenty leftover in the fridge for all those Christmas holiday lunches. The gammon has 15 days fridge life before cooking, two week life after cooking and very long life in the freezer !

Cost: £9 per kilo

Deborah Puxley’s Top Tips on Cooking Gammon

1. Before cooking, please be sure to soak your gammon for a couple of hours minimum, or sometimes if it is a whole one I soak it overnight.   If possible change the water, this will ensure that it does not taste too salty from the curing process.

2. Line the deepest baking tin you have with greaseproof (to make washing up easier) and stand the gammon skin side up and put in enough liquid to cover at least half the gammon.   You can use orange or apple juice or cider, or just water with a chopped onion.  This is  to stop the gammon drying out.

3. Score the skin, and seal with tin foil.    Cook for 20 mins per 500 gram at 140C/ 325F/ Gas 3. If you use a thermometer, the meat must reach 72 degrees.

4. Remove the gammon from the oven taking great care as the tin is very full of liquid.  Drain off the liquid but not down the sink as the fat will solidify and block your pipes. (You can leave the liquid in a container to cool. When the fat has solidified scrape it off the top and put it in the bin – it will be too salty for birds).

5. Put a rack in the tin and stand the gammon on the rack and remove the skin and score the fat with a sharp knife.

6. Spread over the fat a glaze of your choice. Our favourites our:

– a jar of marmalade which will give a sharp orangey flavour

– mango chutney with a spoonful of apricot jam added to make it stick

– a mix of brown sugar and grainy mustard

7. Cook at 200C/ 425F / Gas 7,  for another 20 – 30 mins but keep a close eye as you do not want the top to burn.


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