Chocolate Rye Biscuits

This recipe is adapted from “myWaitrose” (I have added some extra information in the method process which helps when making them). The recipe calls for 250g of milk chocolate but I find that too sweet so have substituted 200gms with dark chocolate which also has better health benefits . Rye flour is a very nutritious and although it is one of the three gluten grains (along with wheat and barley) it contains much less gluten when used in baking and produces a lovely crunchy biscuit.


(makes 24 – 27 biscuits)

240g dark rye flour – plus extra for rolling
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp fine salt
200g icing sugar
100g unsalted butter at room temperature
75-90ml double cream

200g dark chocolate (about 70% cocoa)
50g milk chocolate
flaky sea salt
chopped nuts

Baking parchment and silicone paper required


1. Line 3 large baking trays with baking parchment, depending upon the size of your trays you may need 4 trays as the biscuits will spread when baking.

2. Put the flour, baking powder, salt, icing sugar and butter into a large mixing bowl. Rub the ingredients together to create a sandy texture.

3. Mix in the cream until it starts to come together – it make need a drop more cream for the dough to come together and you may need to knead it briefly.

4. On a floury worktop split the mixture into 3 equal sizes, flatten slightly and wrap each piece in clingfilm and chill for about 15 minutes.  This will help when rolling the dough out.

5. Flour the worktop again, take 1 of the doughs out of the fridge and roll out to a thickness of approximately 0.4cms.  Using a 7cm cutter, stamp out rounds and place on prepared baking trays.  Leave a good 4cms apart as they will spread and using a fork make deep indentations in the biscuits.  Chill for 20 minutes.

6. Now turn the oven of to 180 degrees centigrade, gas mark 4.

7. Bake the biscuits from chilled for approximately 20 minutes – until golden.  (The second and third batch seem to take less than 20 minutes so keep any eye on your oven).

8. Repeat the process with the other 2 batches of dough and for best results cook each tray separately in the oven – this also allows time for each batch to chill.

9. Once baked leave on tray for a few minutes and then transfer to a wire tray to cool completely.

10. Break up the dark and milk chocolate put in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water until the chocolate has melted.

11. Half-dip the biscuits in the chocolate – use a knife to spread the chocolate if necessary and let the excess drip off.

12. Lay them on silicone paper (works better than parchment) and sprinkle half of them with sea salt and half with chopped nuts. Using silicone paper stops the chocolate sticking to the paper.

13. Leave them to set for 30 minutes on the silicone, I then put them in the fridge for an hour or so to completely harden.  Can be kept in an airtight container for up to a week.


Nicola Wood


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