Chicken Keeping Tips for November

This is the month when the ground can become wet and soggy so you may have to consider adding some woodchips to your chicken run and also some large logs or blocks so they can get onto dry places at least some of the time.  If they are out ranging they will do this themselves and you will see them perching at different levels.

Now is the time to cook up your potato peelings whilst you are loading the dishwasher – they only take 3 minutes and then the following morning you can add the cooked peelings (potato, swede, parsnip, turnip) to layers mash – add a drop or two of hot water and mix round – your hens will really love it.  They will grab pieces of potato or whatever and run round with it.  There is nothing nicer on a frosty morning to see the steam coming up when you feed them this warm feed.  In addition this will halve your feed bills.  We still have a very good stock of point of lay pullets and lots of different varieties all ready to lay their socks off .

If you need any further information or chicken keeping tips please call me at Chicken Essentials. I stock Layers Mash along with lots of other goodies at Kingsclere!!


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