Charity Computer Amnesty

Simon Green Machine van

Green Machine in Lambourn Woodlands are aiming to collect 1,000 computers or laptops in their Charity Computer Amnesty! They will collect computers from across the UK and when they reach their 1,000 target, they will donate £1,000 to a random charity through a prize draw.

How does the Charity Computer Amnesty work?

1. You contact Green Machine to arrange collection. Equipment collection and data destruction is free of charge for more than 20 items as long as you meet the collection T&Cs.
2. Green Machine collects and processes your equipment.
3. Green Machine sends you a full audit report.
4. You nominate a charity to be added to Green Machine’s prize draw for £1,000!

What does Green Machine do?

Green Machine reduces your company’s carbon footprint by rebuilding and repairing your redundant computers andgiving them a new lease of life. This promotes cleaner and greener computing, extending the lifecycle of the equipment, which has huge environmental savings.  We then offer the equipment as a low cost alternative to buying new or we donate to charities and community organizations in need of equipment free of charge.

Finally the pile of old computers in your store room can be an asset to someone. Call us now on 01488 670350 or email [email protected] and our staff will be happy to help!

Please note: the Charity Computer Amnesty applies to computers and laptops but Green Machine will also collect unwanted hard drives, printers, screens, faxes, phones, servers, routers, switches, UPS and the majority of other electronic equipment.


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