Chaddleworth St Andrew’s and Shefford Church of England Federated Primary Schools

We are delighted to report that the school is busy and bustling and the children are very involved with sports fixtures around the county. We were very proud to have raised a significant £819 for the inspirational Make-a-Wish Foundation by organising a sponsored run on St David’s Day.

Our numbers continue to grow steadily, with 70 pupils now enroled and we are looking at ways to increase capacity at the Shefford site, including building a new classroom, whilst using Chaddleworth School for curriculum enhancement opportunities such as extra music tuition.

We are very pleased that Mrs Chapman will be returning to us later in the summer following the birth of her little boy, Jonah.

If anyone would like to visit the schools or could offer some time to support reading or maths please contact the school office. We are always pleased to hear from you.

About the School

We serve both the Chaddleworth (with Leckhampstead) and Great Shefford (with Shefford Woodlands and East Garston) communities.

Children from both schools are taught at the Shefford site.

Both schools are judged to be GOOD schools with many strengths including our Early Years provision and progress in  reading across the school.

  • 100% of our Year 6 children achieved the national standard or better in writing, Grammar Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and maths
  • 50% of our Year 6 children achieved above the national standard in reading, writing, GPS and maths
  • 75% of our Year 6 children achieved the national standard or better in in reading
  • The national average for all three subjects was 53% compared to our schools 75%  

Robins – EYFS, Yr 1 & 2

Year 2 Violin, Library Day, Welly Walks, PE, Celebration Worship

Katie Minien teaches us Pantomimus on a Wednesday afternoon. We have been learning about rhythm in Music and we enjoy acting and using our imagination too.

Owls – Years 2, 3, & 4

Since September our learning has been focused around the Stone Age. As a class we have written instructions to make Stone Age food, making sure we included all of the relevant details and features. Before we wrote the instructions we actually made fruit stew with berries, hazelnuts and honey – it was delicious!!

Eagles – Years 5 & 6

This term our learning is based around the topic Dragons. We are using the book Dragonology by Dugald A. Steer  to develop our English learning. It is full of amazing information about dragons!


For more details please visit our school website.

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