Cat Feeding Tips – from Oscar Pet Foods

A few tips to make your cat’s life more comfortable

Drinking Habits

Some cats can be fussy about drinking water from the tap due to the chemicals used to keep the water clean. It’s best to leave a dish outside to collect rain water or to bottle tap water and allow it to stand for a few days before putting it into the cat’s dish.

Cats prefer to eat and drink from a wide, shallow, dish so that their super sensitive whiskers do not make contact with the dish and they can hear clearly while eating. The OSCAR cat bowls are designed with this in mind.


When changing to a new food remember to wean

Cats are sensitive to new smells and textures. A straight swap to a new food may present too much change, and they may stop eating the food altogether. At OSCAR we advise customers to make a gradual change by weaning their cat from old food to new. Slowly introducing them to foods and flavours will help them to successfully move on to the new food.

Feeding Routine

Cats are true carnivores. This means they are designed to eat small meals throughout the day. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, and some cats may eat a steady two meals per day. Weigh out your cat’s food each morning and place it all in the dish for the cat to feed itself ‘ad lib’ throughout the day. This will allow the cat to adapt to its natural feeding routine. If you have a multi-cat household, a set routine for meal times may be more suitable, in case some cats eat more than their fair share!

Keep it Fresh

Cats love freshness! At OSCAR we remove the air from our cat food bags and replace it with nitrogen to keep the food fresh. Once opened, keep your cat’s food in a sealed container such as an OSCAR bucket to keep the freshness.

Cat Feeding Tips

Inner Hunter

Lock in to your cat’s natural instinct to hunt for food, by hiding their OSCAR meals around the home. The food can be placed on the lid of plastic tubs. This will help to keep a cat more active during the day and increase their mental stimulation. This is a good activity for house cats which don’t get much exercise. If food games are not suitable, a play session with the owner before meal time would be a good alternative.

Available Resources

Multi-cat households need multiple resources, in various locations, to help cat relationships and increase their feelings of security in the home. To keep your cat happy we recommend to have one water and one feeding station per cat, plus one extra one. So if you have 2 cats, they will need 3 water stations and 3 feeding stations. The same rule applies for cat litter trays and resting areas.

Introduction packs

For £5 why not try one of our cat introduction packs, for this you get a very handy air tight storage bucket, 2 x 450g of food (which will last one cat 2 weeks) and a pack of treats). If your treasured cat likes the food, and you then purchase 3x2kg bags you get your fiver back. all delivered FREE to the door.

For more information or to try a cat introduction pack please call or email using the contact details below. Or visit our web site to see the vast array of cat products on offer.


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