My Cat Diary by Nimbus – Week 5

Wednesday 10 February

Today we’re in disgrace, big time. You know the plastic containers that Oscar’s food comes in? Well, if the humans don’t put the top on properly my brother and I discovered you can get a claw underneath and flick it off, just like that. We may not have opposable thumbs but we can still get into things. And we did get in – right in. I haven’t eaten so much for months.

What’s harder is clearing up afterwards so when the humans came in in the morning they saw what had happened. Lord, how they roared at us. So we scarpered into the garden.

This also meant that when Alan came round to drop some more food off they couldn’t weigh me, which was probably a good thing. I’d have broken the scales.

Nim Velux 1Anyway, a few hours went by and I thought I’d risk coming back in. The window was shut, though.








Nim velux 4Crikey, this is embarrassing – I think I’ve got my tongue stuck on the glass.










Nim Velux 3Look, if you don’t let me in I’m going to bite you. Look at these teeth. What do you think they’re for, eh? I mean it.








Nim velux 2Is that me she’s writing about? My word, this window’s dirty. Covered in smears and what look like paw prints.






Nim:Marm sleepingWhat a day. We seem to have been forgiven.


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