Cash machine distraction scam

Bank customers throughout the UK have been falling victim to a ‘distraction scam’, in which criminals literally distract a person at a cash machine for a few brief seconds, in which time they can gain full access to that person’s account.

Barclays offered these tips to avoid ATM distraction:

  1. Don’t let anyone distract you when you’re at a cash machine
  2. Cover your PIN when you pay in shops or go to a cash machine
  3. Ignore people who speak to you when you’re at a cash machine – even if they appear to be helpful
  4. Don’t use a cash machine if it, or anyone around it, looks suspicious
  5. Call your bank straightaway if you think your card, PIN or other security details have been compromised

According to Financial Fraud Action UK, losses through fraud at UK cash machines increased by 20 per cent to £32.7 million in 2015 – a huge increase, although markedly lower than the 2004 level of £74.6, prior to the rollout of Chip and PIN technology.

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