Busy Day Hair Tips

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to go to a salon but nobody has the time for a bad hair day! So here are some quick and easy ways to feel good and confident about your hair when you’re really busy:

1. Joico Beach & Body Shakes

Spray either of these products onto dry hair lightly, lifting the layers for thickness and body, creating that soft beach look.

Beach Shake: A texturising finisher. It creates plush separation moisture and a satin finish with no drying salts or sticky sugars. This product is ideal for medium to think hair types.

This unique hybrid combines coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax and flexible resins for a beach look without the sandy strands.

Body Shake: A dry texturising finisher to build volume, thickness and plush density. This product is ideal for fine to medium hair.

This hybrid combines invisible aluminium starch with crystal clear hold resins and dry conditioners that build lush locks with a velvety matte finish and volume all day long.


2. Joico Restorative Oil

A brilliant hybrid version of oils that delivers all the high-powered punch of a professional conditioning treatment.

With the most featherweight shine-meisters that gives hair a healthy, lustrous finish without weighing it down.

This product is good for all hair types that want conditioning, smoothing, strengthening, and color protection.

Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Emulsify a drop or two in your hands and apply, starting from the ends up.

Leave to dry naturally or if you have time blowdry and apply a second small drop to the ends.


3.Joico Brightening Veil

For all shades both natural and chemically processed blonde hair.

This product with protect your hair from thermal stylers, chemicals, UV exposure, humidity, and dryness.

Genius Brightening Veil instantly safeguards strands while boosting shine, doubling hair’s strength and leaving you with a manageable, comb-able, frizz-free halo of fair hair.

Stocked with the richest exotic oils, Veil protector restores your golden glow to its glistening best…the ultimate trifecta when used in conjunction with Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner.

After shampooing and conditioning, spray Brightening Veil onto towel-dried hair, comb through and leave to dry naturally or if you have time blowdry.



4. Quick and Easy Up-Dos for when you’re in a hurry

Here are some easy to follow techniques to try at home.

5. Let Us Show You How

Why not pop into Montagues for a quick lesson on simply but cute and classy up-dos.

6. Time & Motion Study

When you’re doing housework or working from home, you can also use your time wisely to revitalise your hair with our new Ikoo Thermal Treatment wrap which protects and de-toxes your hair in 20 minutes. The formula gently and deeply maintains healthy hair structure and regenerates damaged roots and ends while also revitalizing the scalp.

Through the dispersion of warmth as well as the infusion of lavender, juniper, and basil essential oils, the hair wrap helps to penetrate deep into the hair to prolong health and hair colour. The thermo function of the Thermal Treatment Wrap helps to transfer nutritious elements and vitamins into the hair’s structure.

After using it your hair just needs to be rinsed and can then be styled as usual.

The Thermal Treatment Wrap can be used on every hair type and offers professional and intensive care at home.


We hope to see you ladies looking glamourous all day everyday – even when your doing a million and one things!

But remember to take that time for yourselves and pop in to Montagues for a relaxing pamper when you can!

Thank you

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