Peace of Mind, Financial Security & Independence

Sounds good…but what do they actually mean?

There is often one thing that keeps you awake at night, one thing that you want in life and one thing that you want to be sure of. This one thing is so important to you that it determines whether peace of mind, financial security and financial independence is achievable.

I’m assuming that you would call yourself financially independent. If I was to tell you that to have total financial security and complete peace of mind all you have to do is sell everything and take yourself off to Outer Mongolia you would think I am completely barking mad. But it’s true, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about money again. You’d be the richest person in the village, yes you might have to walk a bit to get food and water for the rest of your life but you would have peace of mind knowing that you’d never run out of money.

But hold on, let’s just be realistic for a moment here. You’d have to want to live a very simple life with very little luxury for all of the above to be achievable. What about the nice car, going out for meals if you don’t fancy cooking, holidays with the family, big birthday celebrations, the shopping sprees, even the smaller luxuries in life. All of a sudden living a simple life in a shack in Outer Mongolia doesn’t sound quite so appealing.

Lifestyle. That’s what it all it comes down to when you think about it. Other than good health, the thing that anyone really craves is to have the lifestyle they desire. That is why you work so hard. To enjoy the lifestyle you create. It is what you want to maintain and improve throughout your lifetime.

What we at Brown Dog Financial Planning do is focus on the lifestyle that you want, whether you want to retire early and buy a boat and sail round the world for the rest of your years, maintain your current situation or be able to give to important causes in your life. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and that’s why we love what we do.

Our focus is to help you identify, achieve and maintain that desired lifestyle without the risk of running out of money – or even dying with too much! It’s about getting and keeping a great life, whatever that might be. Come in for a coffee and a chat so that we can listen to you and your story instead of boring you to death with technical details (unless that’s what you want).

If you would like to chat about financial planning or any other financial topics please feel free to contact me, Jessamy Walker at Brown Dog Financial Planning Ltd on 01488 682890.


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