Great British Bake-Off Jigsaw Puzzles

Great British Bake-Off puzzle

bake-off-puzzle-square-cropPerfect gift for the GBBO fan in your life – a decorative jigsaw puzzle of the iconic 2016 bakes of Season 7.

Good quality Gibson jigsaws, only available from Welford Park near Newbury – home to the Great British Bake-Off for the past three years.


1,000 piece puzzle £12.50

500 piece puzzle £ 9.50

How to Order

Email your order to

There is a limited number of puzzles available so grab yours soon in time for Christmas!


Bake Off Puzzle


Welford Park Snowdrop Gifts

As well as the Great British Bake-Off Jigsaw Puzzles, Welford Park also offers a lovely range of Snowdrop Gifts inspired by their famous snowdrop display each Spring.

Snowdrops at Welford Park

Welford Park is open to the public every February to enjoy their famous snowdrop display. The Galanthus Nivalis display at Welford Park is in a beech wood covering approximately 5 acres alongside the River Lambourn. In the formal gardens to the South of the Queen Anne House you can view some of the rarer species from Lord Monostictus, Green Tips, Lady Elphinstone, John Gray, Hippolyta,  Desdomena, Virdipice, Collosus, Woronowii, S. Arnott, Brenda Troyle  and many more.

Snowdrops are nearly always found in abbey ruins and graveyards, and were planted by Norman monks as a symbol of purity and the cleansing of the earth after winter. Some of the greatest snowdrop displays in England were all originally monastic sites ie Walsingham Abbey, Hodsock Priory, Anglesey Abbey and Welford Park.

The snowdrops at Welford Park were probably planted by the Norman monks to decorate their Church for the feast of Candlemas, and also for medicinal use. The monks harvested snowdrops and used to rub them on the temple of people suffering from “mal au tete”. Close to the snowdrop woods we have also found wild aconitum, petasites and mistletoe all of which have strong healing properties.

 Snowdrop Dates 2017 – click here for details


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