Brexit – Day One

“I would love to own a horse with David Dimbleby’s stamina…” #GrandNationalWinner #legend (@leglockluke on Twitter 24.06.2016)

Social media and in particular Twitter comes into its own on occasions like today. We can watch history being made and are able to follow it unfurling from wherever we are with ease. My dad sent me a text message at 5.30 am this morning from Kenya (really? 5.30 am?) He is not the world’s greatest with technology but he is a British Citizen living abroad and as a result what we vote has an impact on his future.

We both agreed last week from our different sides of the voting fence that whatever the result there was likely to be quite some fall out. In between our at times quite heated debate – What could he possibly know stuck out in the African bush? What could I know as a young child with no experience of the world (even though I’m 46)? – we both agreed that a strategy of hedging his bets and knowing what he could tolerate in terms of financial loss was important. Let’s face it, we can all tolerate financial gain quite happily. So far, less than 24 hours in, this looks like it might have been a good strategy: but more importantly he knows what the impact either way could have been and he could make an informed choice. (Wish we’d had the same sort of information from our campaigning politicians.)

History has shown us that these momentous events have a short sharp impact. It can feel as if we have no idea where we are headed and that the end of the world is nigh. BUT usually out of the chaos comes some sort of order.

This graph shows the History of the FTSE All Share with inflation taken into account.

Brown Dog Graph for blog v2

The Governor of the Bank of England has made a very sensible speech this morning and reassured the stock markets that stability is the most important issue for both sides. So whatever you voted and whatever comes along, we have a new chapter of history being written and its up to us to make it work.

Back to the grindstone it is then…

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