Book Review: Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean

Where the World Ends by local author Geraldine McCaughrean from Great Shefford, won the prestigious Carnegie award 2018 and the Indie Bookshop Awards in the Young Adult’s Category.

The paperback costs £6.99 and is available from Hungerford Bookshop (online or from the shop).

This book is set on a sea stac (large rock) in the St. Kilda archipelago (off the North-West Scottish coast). It follows a group of men and boys who become stranded on the stac when the boat from their island does not return to collect them from hunting birds.

The author brings the book to life with vivid details of the hunting and survival techniques used by the group, from the time period.

This fantastic tale includes love, danger, hope, suspense and mystery and is a brilliant read for anyone in the summer. I’m confident this will become a classic and I recommend it for both teens and adults.

Review by Toby Quinn (16 yrs)

Geraldine McCaughrean

Having written over 160 children’s books, Geraldine was described as ‘one of the greatest living children’s authors’ by The Bookseller – and she chose our very own Hungerford Bookshop during Independent Bookshop week to celebrate her IBW win.

“It’s fantastic to have such a renowned children’s writer on our doorstep, and lovely to mark her win during a week-long celebration of Independent Bookshops,” says Emma from the bookshop.

Click here for Geraldine’s interview on 4LEGS Radio (from 37:20) about her inspiration for the story, what the award means to her and the dangers of accidentally having a novel title similar to a very different genre of book…


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