Bag it & bin it, it only takes a minute (dog poo….nice)

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If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the keep Britain tidy adverts – “Bag it & bin it, it only takes a minute” so very true and the same should apply to dog poo.

I get so very angry when I take Racso for a walk and have to watch my step to avoid treading in other people’s dogs poo. It’s not alright to leave dog poo, even on farm tracks or in hedgerows etc It’s basically disgusting and no responsible pet owner would do such a thing.


Dog poo can carry harmful infections, the most widely known being Toxocariasis which can cause serious illness and even blindness. It is caused by a parasite known as Toxocara Canis (also known as Roundworm). These parasites live in dogs’ digestive systems. Eggs are released in the poo of infected animals. If someone ingests infected material, the eggs maScoop the Poopy hatch into larvae and can lead to toxocariasis.

Symptoms of toxocariasis can include seizures, breathing difficulties, a very red and painful eye, and clouded vision, usually only in one eye. Left untreated, toxocariasis can cause permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.

Toxocariasis usually affects children aged between one and four years. But cases of toxocariasis have been reported in people of all ages. Young children are most at risk because they are more likely to put things into their mouths and less likely to wash their hands properly.

Dog poo will only contaminate the soil when it has been left on the ground for a period of time, so if owners immediately clean up after their dog the threat of toxocariasis would be virtually eradicated.

Worming of dogs can help reduce the problem and we recommend it is done regularly.

The best kind of poo

The reason people don’t pick up their dog’s poo is probably because it is unpleasantly smelly and squishy.

However if your dog has a good balanced diet then the poo will be hard and easy to pick up. If it’s not or it’s excessively smelly, then give us a call to discuss the best diet for your dog to ensure they are getting the right balance of nutrients without lots of bulky stuff, which in turn generates lots more unnecessary poo.

Poo Bags

When you have a baby there are certain things that you always take with you wherever you go, nappies for instance, you wouldn’t dream of not having a couple, so as a dog owner you should always have a supply of poo bags about your person (we sell bio degradable poo bags, £3.10 for 100). So, when you pick it up you may have to carry it until you find the nearest bin, so what? It’s not exactly heavy. You wouldn’t believe the number of filled poo bags you come across when walking, so people bag the poo, then leave it for someone else to pick up and dispose of. If you don’t like carrying a filled poo bag, bring a larger bag to put it in.

So please if you’re reading this remember, there is absolutely no reason not to pick up the poo. So – bag it and bin it, it only takes a minute.

If you want more information on any pet related issue or problems then please call or email us, we are more than happy to have a chat.

Julie Parry
Oscar Pet Food (W Berks, E Wilts, N Hants)
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