At the Going Down of the Sun

“At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.”  This Sunday the nation will fall silent as we remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in all conflicts and war over the years.

There will be a mixture of emotions from pride and respect to sadness, sorrow and grief. There is no time scale for when the grieving process is over. All grief is unique and individual. Some of the grief may be felt for recent losses and other grief still felt for not so recent losses.

The Remembrance services that will be held throughout the country are a reminder that just because a person may no longer be physically with us, their memory and spirit still can be.  Recovery from loss and grief does not mean that we forget, it just means that the pain is less or gone altogether. Yes, there will be sadness and maybe tears but that is perfectly normal and natural, but after this we can continue with our lives and our memories without being held back or stuck in a dark place.

If you have suffered a recent loss of any kind, or are still feeling the pain of a past loss, local Grief Recovery Specialist Sue Holden can help you to complete any incomplete emotions and feelings you may have and to start moving forwards into a life that is different from how you thought it was going to be, but still worth being a part of.

Contact Sue through her Facebook page Grief Recovery Today or call 01793 978617



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