Shakespeare Quiz – the Answers

Shakespeare Quiz

Thanks to those who entered the quiz and in particular to John O’Gaunt pupils Emily Robinson (year 9) and Katherine Natton-Bell, the winners by a short head from Nicola Chester. Their prize is a copy of My Book of Stories: Write your own Shakespearean Tales by local author Deborah Patterson.

The answers are below.

If you would like to set a quiz on any subject yourself, or suggest one that we might create ourselves, please leave a comment at the foot of this post.

In which Shakespeare plays do these pairs appear?

1            Beatrice and Benedict – Much Ado About Nothing

2            Falstaff and Justice Shallow – Henry IV part 2

3            Leontes and Hermione – The Winter’s Tale

4            Oberon and Titania – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

On which Shakespeare plays were these films based (to a greater or lesser extent)?

5            The Lion King – Hamlet

6            Ran – King Lear

7            Throne of Blood – Macbeth

8            My Own Private Idaho – Henry IV part 1

9            Kiss Me Kate – The Taming of the Shrew

10           Forbidden Planet – The Tempest

11            Get Over It – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

12            West Side Story – Romeo and Juliet

About Shakespeare himself…

13            In what year was Shakespeare born? – 1564

14            Who was on the English throne at this time? – Elizabeth I

15            With which London theatre is he mainly associated? – The Globe

16            What did he famously leave to his wife in his will? – His second-best bed

Which Shakespeare plays could have these possible alternative titles?

17            The King with Three Daughters – King Lear

18            The Shipwreck – The Tempest (I’d forgotten there was also one in Twelfth Night)

19            The Hunchback – Richard III

20            The Black Admiral – Othello

21            The Star Crossed Lovers – Romeo and Juliet

22            The Roman and the Egyptian – Anthony and Cleopatra

23            The Strange Night in the Forest – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

24            The Indecisive Prince – Hamlet


Good luck!


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