My Cat Diary by Nimbus – Week 4

Alan from Oscars

Tuesday 26 January

Nimbus 4:1My new friend Alan from Oscars came back today.

He brought that funny board with the light on it which I have to sit on. Apparently it says whether I’m fat or not. I don’t think I’m fat. Even so, if they think I am it’ll be bad news for me. I do love eating so.

Here we go…I’m not sure I can bear to look…




Nimbus 4:4Crikey – 85 kilos? Obviously I am a fatty. No food for a month.

Maybe it’s because I was jumping on the scales – even so…







Nimbus 3:5

Look, if he tries to put me on an even stricter diet, so help me god I’ll bite his hand off…





Nimbus 4:2Phew – 5.8 kilos! I was reading the numbers the wrong way up. And I missed out the decimal point.

If I crane my neck round I can see that now. Silly me!

You might think it pretty amazing that, being a cat, I can read numbers at all. Hard work, kids, that’s the answer. Work hard, play hard, eat hard, that’s my motto. Particularly eat hard. That’s the main bit.



NimbusActually, 5.8 kilos is pretty good. Even Mrs Vet should be impressed. Three weeks ago I was 6.2 kilos which means I’ve lost…er…anyway, I’m less fat. That’s the point.

They give me and my brother some high-energy food in the morning so then we can go out and run up trees and chase mice. Then at night I get low-energy food which makes us go to sleep. Dad keeps us in at night because otherwise we go out and get into fights and cause havoc. Anyway, it’s cold outside at night. And dark. Who does he think we are – animals?

I must go now and snooze…and as it’s going to be while till our next meal (Mum is annoyingly organised now with the new food bucket) I’m hoping to dream of Oscars…


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  1. Love you, Nimbus! From Casper the Siamese Prince and Shadow, the black moggy who seems to be drinking an awful lot of water lately – should we be concerned about her kidneys?

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